Review: Color and Texture in Weaving


Title: Color and Texture in Weaving: 150 Contemporary Designs
Author: Margo Selby
Publisher: Interweave Press, 2011.

This is a weaving book that is geared towards inspiration. There isn’t necessarily projects spelt out, but there are suggestions for what the textiles could be used for. This book is definitely geared towards those who want to take their ideas and woven works to a new level.

Weaving is such a visual and tactile medium and this book is really based on the visual stimulation. The images are bright and colors and there is very little text to break up the flow. The text is there to guide you with material ideas and how to implement the fabrics woven. The drafts are a very basic outline, but once understood allows for room to play and is very easy to follow. The overall design of the book is amazing. Plenty of white space around the images to let them breathe and a light font weight to really pay attention to the images. Both the content and the physical interaction with the book are extremely enjoyable. It is very clear and easy to follow.

There are so many interesting fibers used in the weavings but there was no list of yarn suppliers. I do understand that not every weaving book will have a list of yarn suppliers, but I feel if there is such a wide range of unique materials that a list would be helpful. But that is really my only complaint about the whole book.

I give the book a 4.5 out of 5. I love everything about this book, the look, the content, and the inspiration derived from it. I just wish there was just one more step taken to really seal the deal.


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