Designing with the Computer

I am a little bit of a technophobe.

I find many computer programs to not be intuitive. It could be because I need to feel the permanence of actual materials under my hands rather then seeing pixels on the screen showing me the possibilities that could be possible.

With that being said: I do understand the importance of computers in the developing craft movement. People are integrating wires and computer chips into fabric, we can digitally print jewelry, and we can make our artwork more interactive with sensors, robotics, and other crazy things.

What I am interested in is weaving with a computerized loom. I have images in my mind of combining structures that not only create the surface pattern but also influence the physical structure of the cloth. I am fairly new to designing my own drafts and haven’t quite figured out how to trouble shoot some of my issues. But, I am reaching out to my computer to say “help me do this awesome thing I have in my head!”

I have been playing around with PixeLoom for a few months, and I really enjoy using it. It is easy for me to use (although some of the features do not make a lot of sense to me). I have mentioned briefly that I use this software, but haven’t  really explained what I find beneficial.

Some pattern development that I have been working on.
Some pattern development that I have been working on.

I am still new to pattern drafting. I know how to read a draft and how to draw a pre-existing pattern out on graph paper to figure out warp and weft floats and color interactions; I am still new to developing my own patterns.

I find that in using PixeLoom I can develop patterns and quickly change colors or tie ups without spending hours with my graph paper and colored pencils. I can import a color palette and use the colors available for that series of yarns.

I have recently watched a video about designing a lift plan in Photoshop and importing it into PixeLoom. My mind was blown. Someday I am going to own an AVL loom, and before that day comes I would like to be able to utilize Photoshop with PixeLoom to get the patterns that are in my head, woven into cloth.

Once I get a firmer grasp on the software and how to use photoshop, I will gladly share with you my journey and my findings!

Playing with Structures
Playing with Structures



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