Handcrafted Holidays

I work in retail for my day job. Which means I had to work Thanksgiving night and again Friday afternoon into the evening. Seeing so many people clamoring for the “great sales” made me appreciate what I do for my other job.

As a weaver, I get to make something out of nothing and then either sell it to someone or give it to someone I love and I get to see the expression of joy on their faces. They may not love the gift, but they will love the effort that went into it. I’m now at the point where I would much rather weave something simple and give it to my friends and family then spend money on products that will only last a little while. The novelty of the retail product is short lived, but the quality of a hand crafted item will be cherished for a long time- possibly to other generations.

So, instead of walking like a drone this holidays from store to store to find that perfect gift, think about giving a hand crafted item this season. Either make it yourself or support a local artisan because they are doing what they are passionate for in life.

Support a Crafter this Holiday!
Support a Crafter this Holiday!

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