New Warp New Week

I have been adjusting to the new schedule my life has been developing for me. I am having a bit of a writers block so I have decided to show you some of the new goodies that I am getting ready to put on the loom.

I am making some more ombré infinity scarves in different color families. Using the Harrisville yarn is incredibly rewarding because the heathered quality of the fiber makes the transitions from one color to the next seem effortless. Each one of these warp chains is 13+ yards with 214 ends each.




I am in love with these color ways. The teal ombré is so delicate looking it reminds me of a peacock feather. And the gray is so rich looking, it brings to mind a charcoal drawing with it’s highlights and shadows.

While you are enjoying these images what would you like to read more about? Do you want to learn more about simple weaving techniques? Would you like to learn more about contemporary weavers from around the country (or the world?) Would you like to see more pictures of what I am creating and what is cooking in the creative kitchen? Or would you like to create a discussion concerning textiles in today’s society and culture? Let me know in the comments!

I look forward to hearing what you are thinking of because I have so many ideas I can’t quite get them down.



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