New Year, New Focus

A series of scarves that I wove off the loom New Year's Day.
A series of scarves that I wove off the loom New Year’s Day.

As a new year opens up in front of me, I sit back and reflect on what I have accomplished in the past year. And I feel like it could have been better spent. So I am developing a new focus for my life which will hopefully produce a greater outcome in the upcoming year.

2012 was a time of development- figuring out what I wanted to weave, what I wanted to do with my weaving and where I see myself in the future with weaving. All of this thinking and day dreaming laid the ground work for actual progress.

In the next couple months I will be moving to a new place to really get my roots in a community and to really grow my weaving as a business and my weaving as a form of personal expression. I aim to focus more of my energy to perfecting my craft and getting closer to my short term goal of attaining the Handweaver’s Guild of America Certificate of Excellence in Hand Weaving. It will take me a very long time- because not only will I be producing product to sell; I will begin to sell materials and supplies for other hand weavers, grow a program for experienced weavers to join with new or interested weavers and mentor each other to grow and learn new techniques and other great ideas I have in store.

It is going to be tough, and I will probably cry… a lot. But in the end it will be worth it. To turn my back on the kind of work that makes me frustrated to work that brings me joy and fulfillment. I want to teach others as well as grow everyday.

These are my weaving resolutions:

  1. Weave. Everyday.
  2. Not get frustrated or upset by mistakes I make while weaving. Instead learn from those mistakes to make the next piece stronger.
  3. Expand my use of color- be bold, be daring, get out of the color comfort zone!
  4. Weave a blanket [this is something that I have always wanted to do, and this year I aim to do it!]
  5. Keep a journal.
  6. Draw in that journal.
  7. Take a weaving workshop.

These are simple things that I want to do- but it is going to be a lot of commitment in order to do these AND to do everything else I want to accomplish.

Do you have any resolutions for your craft? Do you want to learn how to weave? Use a material you have never used before? Just try something new, outside of your comfort zone?

I want to know! Feel free to leave a comment with what you aim to do in this upcoming year with your art or craft.

Until then, keep on treadling!

A set of scarves in progress to start off the New Year on a good foot.
A set of scarves in progress to start off the New Year on a good foot.

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