Review: Warp & Weft

Warp and Weft Book Cover

Title: Warp & Weft: Woven Textiles in Fashion, Art and Interiors
Author: Jessica Hemmings
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing, 2012


This book is a written catalogue of contemporary artists and designers who use weaving as their primary medium of expression. The author surveys different aspects of art in which weaving permeates: thread, light, motion, sound, emotion and community (these categories are also the corresponding chapters in the book.) The artist’s profiled in this book use new technologies with traditional techniques to create beautiful woven creations that can be useful or thought provoking.


The profiles for each artist and the specific work they have done are extremely in depth, and the photographs included are detailed and beautifully taken. Not only is the artistic process discussed but also the development of the ideas and the implementation of their research. Written in a manner that is educational and thought provoking without being pretentious. The images document and inspire, with rich colors and visual textures that let you envision the works as if they were right in front of you.


I didn’t really find anything wrong with this book. I was just disappointed when it was over. It seemed to end too abruptly, without a sound summing up of everything.


I give this book a 5 out of 5. This book reignited my passion for weaving beyond the utilitarian and really think how I could use innovative materials to create amazing works. It is an enjoyable read for anyone: a beginning weaver, a master artisan or somebody who is just curious about weaving. A must have in your weaving/textile/art library!


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