Woven Shibori Throw



These heavy weight silk noil blankets are a luxurious treat. The perfect weight to wrap up in during the warmer times of year. Each blanket is hand processed to create unique works of art that you can snuggle into.

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Product Description

These woven shibori throws are magical. The shibori technique of weaving and dyeing takes formerly rigid patterns and helps them find their organic potential. Three dimensional illusions are created as the dye strikes the fiber as deep as it can- stopped only by the tightness of the resisting threads.

These heavy weight silk noil blankets are a luxurious treat. The silk allows your body to breathe, but still have a layer of comfort during those cool summer nights. These blankets are unique and bold statement to add to your home. Their organic undulations through color and negative space are each unique to the individual blanket. I designed these blankets to be pieces art that you can cuddle with and enjoy the sensation of wrapping yourself up in silk.

Product Specifications


Woven Size

Roughly 50" x 70"

Warp Material

Silk Noil

Weft Material

Silk Noil

Weave Structure

Plain Weave, Woven Shibori

Wash / Care

Spot Wash. Cold Water. Hang to dry.


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