Why I am Not Pursuing an MFA.

I am done with Undergraduate School. I am still very passionate about my craft and my work. I want to advance in my career and do something that in the end will feel like a great personal achievement.

So, why I am not pursuing a Master of Fine Arts in my field?

Simply put, at this moment in time an MFA isn’t going to help me advance in my field, nor can I decide what I want to study that intensively. I want to do it all.

I have been focusing my energy on developing proper techniques for weaving, learning things that I have been meaning to for a long time (how to properly sew clothing), studying art history at my own pace to influence my work, and most importantly- cultivating my own voice and vision in my work.

Instead of taking two years of my life to struggle through these necessary steps to my growth; I would rather learn these things on my own schedule and my own financial budget.

In the mean time, I am working towards the Certificate of Excellence through the HGA to become a Master Weaver. I am doing this, so when I decide to finally pursue an MFA, I will have a strong basis of techniques so I can explore weaving in a conceptual way without feeling limited by what I can do.

The day will come when I develop a portfolio and weigh the options of which school will best help me reach my dreams. But today and the next day, I am going to fulfill my need to create on my own time and dime. I have a network of friends to give me honest critique and I have a list of mentors that I can turn to when the going gets tough.

Myself, hanging my artwork for my Senior Exhibition "Chromatic Luxury: Woven Works by Tegan Ford" in 2011.
Myself, hanging my artwork for my Senior Exhibition
“Chromatic Luxury: Woven Works by Tegan Ford” in 2011.

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