About Us

We are driven by a passion for handweaving and the notion that creating with ones hands is not only about making, but also the satisfaction of creation. We want to bring our passion for weaving to you and to help grow the community of crafts-people by providing great materials and knowledge so that weavers can then be armed to pass these skills on to the next generation.

At Comfortcloth Weaving, we strive to give crafts-people access to high quality materials and to gain knowledge of the craft in order to bring their ideas to life. We offer a variety of high quality natural fibers for weavers to create heirloom quality products for themselves and others, because creating with our hands will never become a passing fad.

Have specific questions? We do our best to cover them in the FAQ Section. If you dont see the question your looking for there or need more clarification please shoot us an email through our Contact Form!