Article Series: Project Planning

Project planning from Drafts to weaving. This series will look at all aspects of project planning to get you ready to start your next big project.

How to Plan a Project: Calculating Warp

So you have finally found a weaving draft that you love. You can see it in your house are wrapped around your neck and you are so excited to get started working on it! But how much warp do you need? How much yarn do you need order in order to make the warp and have enough for weft? How do you figure out the sett? There are so many things to think about and it can be very frustrating.


How to Plan a Project: Calculating Weft

Have you ever planned your weaving project, full of excitement to weave it off the loom? You get rolling, winding bobbins and just full of anticipation to see your finished creation? Then, about ¾ of the way through the project, you go to wind another bobbin and you can’t find your weft yarn. Why can’t you find it? Because you have used it all up because you didn’t account for the amount of weft you would need. So when you order more yarn or go to your local yarn shop, you can’t find the same dye lot, and you are left with a project which is not up to your standards.