Chunky Yarn Obsession

Back in 2015, I did a yarn review on the Rios line of yarn for Malabrigo, you can check out the video here. What I did not mention is that Malabrigo has an incredible selection of all different sizes and colors. I became mildly obsessed with their Rasta yarn.

The lettuce colorway on my rag shuttle.
The yellow colorway on the loom.

The description from the Malabrigo website describes the yarn as "a lightly-fulled single-ply yarn of magnum proportions!" And they were not kidding. This yarn is crazy squishy, beautiful, and very bold. I decided that it would best be used in some chunky throws. I was only going to do a few, and I ended up loving the pattern and the yarn so much I just kept putting more blankets on the loom. I used a simple point twill pattern in order to showcase my favorite qualities of the yarn. What was also very handy was that I could needle felt the ends of each new weft so that the weaving looks seamless.

Leguna Negra Colorway.

For the warp I used Jagger Spun Maine Line in 3/8. Fair warning, this yarn is very stretchy for warp. It was a challenge to make sure I kept a consistent tension on the whole project, for it was very easy to stretch out the warp and have it shrink in the finishing process. It also did not help that I have a very eager weaving assistant who also loved this yarn.

Weaving Assistant Rupert: checking to make sure that my beat is even. Or waiting for me to take a break to pet him.

I love the Malabrigo Rasta yarn. I normally lean towards using fine threads and delicate patterns- but this allowed me some quick fun weaves that satisfied my desire for the funky. I sometimes will go to my yarn shelf, pick up one of the skeins and just squish it for a little while. I can't wait until the winter rolls around so I can snuggle up in one of these throws and be toasty warm.

All colorways.

These blankets will be up for sale soon so that you can snag one for yourself before the snow flies!

  1. Cheri
    Love! Love! Love! What size reed did you use? Would you share the name of draft? Thanks Cheri