Fiber Friday: Harris Tweed

Deep down, I think I want to be Scottish and live by the sea weaving away as the winds howl. Following in deep traditions and using wool only dyed from plants and lichens, blended together to create fabric that not only unites Scotland, but the love of tradition and fine craftsmanship.

This Fiber Friday I would like to discuss Harris Tweed. The fabric woven in the Outer Hebrides is beautifully hand crafted and the processes of getting the cloth from the sheep to the final product is inspiring.

I think my favorite part about this video is the blending of so many different colors that are dyed naturally from the Scottish landscape, into such delicately heathered yarns. And then watching them being woven on traditional looms in the homes of these weavers is just invigorating. It makes me long for the future time when I will be able to sit in my studio and just weave and weave and weave.

When I return to Scotland, I am going to make a point to go visit the Harris Tweed Authority so that I can see in person the place where these fabrics get certified and any projects they may have going at the time.

I am in love with Harris Tweed. And I hope that after watching this video and taking a stroll to the Harris Tweed Authority's website that you will be too. You should also check out their blog to see some historical notes on the fabric and contemporary collaborations they are making today.