Fiber Friday: WeaveZine

Fridays are the time to rejuvenate, get excited, and start all the awesome things that the weekend allows you!

The things that are inspiring me right now is getting stacked up for something awesome in the future. So, they will be in my back pocket for a while before I start letting you in my plans for fiber-awesomeness.

So today, I will tell you about something that has been driving me to weave harder, faster, and with more passion.

I love a good podcast.

I have been listening to what seems to be the only podcast about weaving in iTunes: WeaveCast: The Podcast for Weavers by Syne Mitchell, who also runs WeaveZine.

There haven't been any new updates to either her blog or her podcast since early 2011, but what is available is super helpful and interesting. Last night I ended up listening to episode (26: Sew Your Weaving) where Syne interviewed Daryl Lancaster, a weaver who creates these beautiful art to wear garments.

I have always wanted to take a class from Daryl. I find her view on the female form to be enlightening and also a little bit exciting. Because those are often things that I think about when I dream about sewing my handwoven cloth. Like "Why change your body to fit the clothes when the clothes to compliment and bring out the beauty in your own body." She talked a lot about body image during this episode and also said something that kind of struck me: "I have never woven a dish towel... ever." Her idea is that she is weaving raw materials for her work- and the idea of weave something for a specific purpose never seemed to cross her mind.

I love that idea.

WeaveCast has many interviews with prominent weavers and their own process for weaving and what inspires them. There are also really fun little audio essays that Syne reads about her own experiences on and off the loom.

You can still download WeaveCast from iTunes and also from the WeaveZine website. Please check it out- you won't be disappointed. Also, check out Daryl Lancaster's Website for some inspiring creations and the cool things that she does.

Enjoy your Friday!