What do you want to hear?

I'm a talker. I like to share what I know and ask questions about what I don't know. I love to share things that I have made and also to share things that I find inspiring.

So with that in mind, what do you want to hear?! We are looking forward to creating some cool little videos on things that we are excited about. Are you curious about a certain historical textile? Do you want to know how to do a certain technique? Are there certain yarns that you were afraid to try? Or do you just want to learn cool stuff?!

Let me know! It will be a little before we have a few videos that we are able to share- but we hope that you will stay tuned and watch for some new awesome things.

Working away at the AVL. Thinking of awesome videos to share with the world.
Working away at the AVL. Thinking of awesome videos to share with the world.
  1. Cindy Peterson
    In reply to "what do you want to hear" I want to understand how to have a plain weave border on all 4 sides of a project. I can't see, studying a draft for a pattern such as summer winter or overshot, how it is possible to have a tabby that actually weaves plain without skipping threads because of the threading pattern. Thank you for helping the world of wanna be weavers! Cindy
  2. Janice Masson
    Tegan, I would like to see how you would take a photograph, something from nature like a tropical fish or a nature woodland scene, and then choose yarns and a structure resulting in a stunning scarf. I have trouble seeing how to use pretty yarns to develop a project. Thanks.
  3. Cindy Peterson
    I would like to see you setting up and usinb the fly shuttle. I wonder if I can use one with my 64" Macomber. I want to weave tablecloths, blankets and bedspreads. Also, I have been wondering about using tne AVL warping wheel for my sectional beam. Have you tried it? I currently measure 2" sections on a board and wind on the beam thru a comb to keep threads in line.