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Yardage for Fashion

This video shows the process of weaving yardage. For this project we wove 50 yards each of 3 colorways for Jamie & The Jones Fashion Company in TN.

Eric Weaves A Recycled Cotton Rug

Eric weaves a rug of ends from a production run of 2' x 3' rugs made from waste cotton intercepted on its way to the landfill. These rugs are available to purchase.

Tegan & Eric Speak to the Golden Fleece Fiber Guild

Coming out of 2020 was hard for a lot of makers, including us. In this presentation we talk about what we did leading up to 2020, how we pivoted during the wide-spread shutdowns, and what we are planning to do moving forward.

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Pro Weaver Pod: Roundtable 1

Our first round table discussion was...

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