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8 Harness Profile Drafting & Tie Up

I recently received an email from a weaver named Cindy, in regards to profile drafting and tie ups. She was curious about the ability to use 8 harnesses with a 4 block profile draft. And furthermore, how do weavers know which harnesses to assign for the tie up from a Continue Reading…

On the Loom

Sometimes, life gets a little too busy. When this happens, I like to take a step back and look at what I have been working on. Often I am so focused on what is happening right in front of me that I forget all of the work I have done. Continue Reading…

Chunky Yarn Obsession

Back in 2015, I did a yarn review on the Rios line of yarn for Malabrigo, you can check out the video here. What I did not mention is that Malabrigo has an incredible selection of all different sizes and colors. I became mildly obsessed with their Rasta yarn. The Continue Reading…

A Present for a Special Family

The journey and documentation to create a gift for a family that means so much to me. Images of the process on and off of the loom, showcasing the design.

Miniature Coverlet

Research and discussion in regards to a miniature coverlet. Get a closer look at the overshot structure and a summary of miniature overshot techniques.

The Hot Pink Coverlet

A historical investigation into a pink overshot coverlet that was discovered at an antique fair. I explore the structure and the roots of it’s unique color.