Handcrafted Holidays

I work in retail for my day job. Which means I had to work Thanksgiving night and again Friday afternoon into the evening. Seeing so many people clamoring for the "great sales" made me appreciate what I do for my other job. As a weaver, I get to make something out of nothing and then either sell it to someone or give it to someone I love and I get to see the expression of joy on their faces.

Tapestry Tantrum

There is a phrase that I have used a many occasions that expressed my feelings towards learning tapestry weaving: "I want nothing to do with tapestry weaving." I know how that statement sounds. And I am personally trying to remedy my outlook on techniques that I find "too difficult" in order to at least have experience. This is mainly because I have given myself a personal goal to attain the Handweaver's Guild of America Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving (ideally pass both levels before the age of 30). One of the very first samples that has to be woven with professionalism is of course: Tapestry Weaving.